How to start using Worklogs Report

Wokrklogs Report work pretty good out of the box, so you don’t need to perform any extra setup to start using it.

IMPORTANT! If you are using Jira Cloud and Tempo Timesheets, you need to setup the integration first. Please check this article for details.

Worklogs Report entry points

Worklogs report can be accessed in one of three ways:

  • Top Level Navigation
  • Project Sidebar
  • Project > Reports section

Top Navigation Access

Worklogs Report on Jira ServerJira Server

Worklogs Report on Jira CloudJira Cloud, Sidebar Navigation

Worklogs Report on Jira Server NewJira Cloud, The new Top Navigation

Access Worklogs Report from Project UI

Worklogs Report can be opened from the Project sidebar:

Worklogs Report in Project sidebarWorklogs Report in the Project sidebar. Same for Cloud and Server

Another way to create the Report is All Reports page. Check the Other section at the very bottom:

Worklogs Report from Project ReportsWorklogs Report in “Other” section of Project Reports

IMPORTANT! Jira Service Desk for Server has certain limatations for third apps integration. Because of that Worklogs Report can’t be access from for JSD projects. Please use Top Navigation instead.

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