Core questions every lead faces

Jira is an amazing tool that helps people around the world track development tasks. And it’s awesome, really. Custom workflows, customs fields, custom issue types and projects. You may start slow, but when everything is up and running, users in your company will no doubt start adding more and more issues to Jira. It is worth it. It truly is.

And now that all or most of the development data is in Jira, it’s a perfect time to analyze it. Most likely you want to know something like:

  • what is the big picture of what we are doing?
  • where are we now? And who did what?
  • who is involved in the process? And how much is left to be done?
  • are there any flaws in the plans?

Looking for answers

To answer the questions above you explore the default Jira reports. All buzzwords like Sprint, Velocity, Burndown are in place, but it’s just a bit not enough. It just isn’t for various reasons.

So you start to dig deeper. First, you master advanced searching. Then you create 5-10-15 dashboards. Good, but still not enough. Why? Because you are dealing with tables. Numerous tables with lots of columns. And with zero overall information like progress or totals.

Then you start looking for extra reporting opportunities on the Marketplace. And suddenly you realise that almost any reporting solution requires at least some kind of extra setup. Typically, it doesn’t really match your current Jira settings and project customization. So you just can’t start using the new app or report without making at least some tweaks. It’s not always so but it is quite common.

Now the Pivot Report

How do we know all of that described above? Well, both of Colined founders started working with Jira over a decade ago. And we’ve been in your shoes. That’s why we decided to create a report that would answer most wanted questions and work out of the box with zero or close to zero efforts to setup. This is how Pivot Report appeared.

Sounds too good to be true? You can easily see for yourself by installing Pivot Report or checking out the demos we have prepared for you.

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