Warnings tab

Warnings Summary

Warnings are a customizable set of markers that highlights possible flaws. May be treated as a fellow project manager, who’ve seen some stuff.

They are represented as a tab with configurable options and also as a column in any breakdown table.

Pivot Report Warnings

Pivot Report Configuration

Core concept

As it was mentioned above, warnings are set of common markers like issues without estimations, missing due dates, unassigned issues, etc.

Warnings are configured per any report, and can be added as a column to any breakdown table.

Adding warnings as a column

Warning is display as a counter in column with text tooltip that has all the details:

Warnings in a column

Warnings won’t be explained

All of them are pretty much self-explanatory, so they won’t be explained in this article. In case you need explanitions, please let us know by sending a message to support@colined.com.

Why warnings aren’t customizable. Sad story about Jira performance

We get this question about customizing the warnings pretty often. But unfortunately Jira API is slow, and every extra JQL request slows report generation even more. This is why we limit all warnings to a reasonable set that doesn’t ruin performance too much.

Another reason is a bit more complicated: we need to keep the list simple and meaningful for as many users as possible. This is why we need to keep this list easy to understand and use.

I like the concept but the warning I need is missing

First of all, we are really sorry you haven’t found what you need. Here are two ways missing warning can be fixed:

  1. Custom Slices for saved report:

Custom Slices

Report slices can be used to further split issues into smaller portions with custom JQL. Also, it`s possible to change display format to better fit your reporting needs.
But please keep in mind that JQL is still very slow, so you custom slices may slow down report performance.
You can read more about slices in this article.

  1. Some of warnings are added per requests of our users. So, it’s possible that you are the one who will be author of the next warning. In case you have a great idea for a new one, please let us know by sending a message to support@colined.com.

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